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​MarkPDX is based in Portland, Oregon and is the studio of Mark Roberts.

Mark has over a decade of experience in the design, architectural, and film visualization fields. He started his career in the fine arts and product design fields and moved into the world of 3D rendering and has worked with numerous architects, designers, and film makers.

“Mark’s collaboration and attention to detail has made many of our dead shots come alive."


                                                                                                       Timothy Kendall / Director



"Mark is an extremely talented artist and designer, who gives great care and attention to his work.


Mark is able to illustrate in many styles in both two and three dimensions."

                                                                                                       Alex Yale

                                                                                                       Yale Design Studio

"Mark is an exceptionally creative guy with multiple skills in visual media. His work was always responsive to client needs and Mark would always be ready to willingly jump in to solve problems.

His creative problem solving and his facility with computer graphics was always in high demand from colleagues and clients alike."

​                                                                                                       Bob Yakas

                                                                                                       Owner, Yakas Design

"Mark is a talented illustrator who works well with the team to bring the clients vision to life through illustration.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I worked with him, and many of the projects that he helped me with were marketed and financed based on his imagery."
​                                                                                                       Elizabeth Lamback
                                                                                                       Associate, Myhre Group Architects



"I highly recommend Mark. The images he creates are an essential part of making any project truly come alive."

​                                                                                                       Brian Laramee



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